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Knee stiffness and viscosity of human cadaver - Wartenberg test, BJBMS (2017)
The Concept of an Ecosystem Model to Support the Transformation to Sustainable Energy Systems, APPL ENERG (2016)
Security problems of scan design and accompanying measures , J ELECTR ENG CONTROL (2016)
Drupal 8 Modules: Translation Management Tool and Paragraphs, Informatica (2016)
Design of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Using Analytical Method and Evolutionary Optimization, IEEE T ENERGY CONVER (2016)
Random Access Protocols With Collision Resolution in a Noncoherent Setting, (2015)
Finite-SNR bounds on the sum-rate capacity of Rayleigh block-fading multiple-access channels with no a priori CSI, (2015)
Impact of the Housing on the Characteristics of Ceramic Pressure Sensors ÔÇô A Design for Manufacturability Issue , SENSORS (2015)
A measure for a balanced workload and its extremal values, Discrete Appl. Math. (2015)
Rooted level-disjoint partitions of Cartesian products, APPL MATH COMPUT (2015)
Big-Data Analytics: a Critical Review and Some Future Directions, IJBIDM (2015)
Comparison of a web-based dietary assessment tool with software for the evaluation of dietary records, ZV (2015)
Using a Genetic Algorithm to Produce Slogans, Informatica (2015)
Data Mining-Assisted Parameter Tuning of a Search Algorithm, Informatica (2015)
A Case Analysis of Embryonic Data Mining Success, INT J INFORM MANAGE (2015)

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UsabEU: online platform for translation, validation and native use of usability questionnaires with multilingual user groups, LNCS
Disadvantages of Statistical Comparisons of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms, BIOMA 2016
Grammar and dictionary based named- Entity Linking for knowledge extraction of evidence-based dietary recommendations, IC3K (KDIR 2016)
Telerehabilitation of upper extremities with target based games for persons with ParkinsonÔÇÖs disease ,
3D serious games for ParkinsonÔÇÖs disease management,
Analysis of an Electrocardiographic Multilead System using Artificial Neural Networks - A Study of the Dispersion during Premature Ventricular Stimulation, Biosignals 2016
POS-probability weighted method for matching the Internet recipe ingredients with food composition data, IC3K (KDIR 2015)
Pametno urejanje prometa in prostorsko na─Źrtovanje, IS 2015
Pobuda PaMetSkup, IS 2015
Concept of an Ecosystem model to support transformation towards sustainable energy systems, SDEWES 2015
Napredne metode za optimizacijo izdelkov in procesov, Dnevi energetikov 2015
Case-based slogan production, ICCBR 2015
Modularni sistem za upravljanje Li-Ion baterije, AIG 2015
Pobuda za oceno klini─Źne uporabnosti mobilne aplikacije Nutri v povezavi z ┼żepno tehnico Libra, IS 2015
"ISO-FOOD" ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability, 2. letna konferenca Hrana in prehrana za zdravje 2015
Ingredients matching in bakery products, SiKDD 2015
Upgrade of the MovSim for Easy Traffic Network Modification, SIMUL 2015
Suitability of MASA Algorithm for Traveling Thief Problem, SOR'15

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Optimal lead selection for evaluation ventricular premature beats using machine learning approach, Communications in Computer and Information Science, (2017)
Advances in Evolutionary Algorithms Research, Nova Science Publishers (2015)
A methodological framework for integration of data mining in organizations, Doctoral Dissertation, Jo┼żef Stefan International Postgraduate School (2013)
Large Graphs in Advanced Applications, Doctoral Dissertation, Jo┼żef Stefan International Postgraduate School (2013)
On-line testing and recovery of FPGA-based systems, Doctoral Dissertation, Jo┼żef Stefan International Postgraduate School (2012)